Increasing Productivity with UCaaS Collaboration Tools

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Increasing Productivity with UCaaS Collaboration Tools


UCaaS first came to prominence in 2014, on the heels of the cloud IT movement. In just 4 short years, UCaaS has moved well beyond just voice.

  • Video
  • Meetings
  • Web Collaboration

There are a lot of collaboration tools around that just share information among teams. UCaaS offers a persistent chat environment where you can create rooms on the fly, have rooms that track a particular project, and keep things like documents or conversations that may start in one place, but end up going a totally different direction. Having all that history available as an organization grows is now a corporate requirement. New people coming in can see how issues were handled, how people interacted and also how customers are served within that organization. These features kick internal training into overdrive.

This level of collaboration previously used four to six different pieces of software. Some organizations have teams that are using different ‘best of breed’ tools for that particular piece of the organization. People are now going to one place for video, teleconferencing and document sharing. The real power is being able to share that information among teams; a solution that builds bridges and connects those teams together, allowing collaboration to continue – even as people change and move throughout their organization. In some cases where you may have a HipChat and a Slack and that kind of team collaboration or persistent chat environment, being able to tie those things together provides a lot of power for an organization.

What’s on the horizon in the collaboration space? More unification.

  • Tie things together and escalate a conversation
  • Add additional co-workers into a chat room
  • Immediately escalate to a video conversation or web collaboration session
  • Real-time experience with conversation history
  • Build a work group in a chat environment and extend into the telepathy environment
  • Publish a number so you can reach the team working on a specific project temporarily for a specific time

UCaaS is escalating from the kind of information sharing and conversations to being able to collaborate on documents and then into real-time communications. Associates are able to be more effective when they have to deal with customer issues or even internal issues within the company.

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