5 Lost Opportunities By Keeping Your Legacy Phone System

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5 Lost Opportunities By Keeping Your Legacy Phone System

So you have a working (kind of) legacy phone system and you’re thinking there’s no reason to switch it out for one of those new-fangled VoIP solutions. Here are 5 opportunities you are missing out on while you’re desperately trying to find parts to keep it running.

1. Saving on Maintenance and Repairs

When vendors begin to label legacy systems as “end of life”, repairs not only become costly, but patches may no longer exist which devalues the maintenance contract you have in place. Moving to a cloud solution allows you to eliminate maintenance and repairs from the annual costs.

2. Taking Advantage of New Features

Featureless phones won’t allow you to keep up with your business needs or the competition. Modern UC systems provide the ability to track and monitor individual calls not to mention features like call reports and statistics. Tracking calls by the day or week will give you the answers you need to make those important business questions like, “Are we paying to much for our phone service?” and “Where can we improve our customer service.” How about conferencing, mobility, CRM integration, call queues and softphone applications?

3. Effective Scaling

Need to move, right-size or turn up additional office locations? The cost of uninstalling, transporting and reinstalling can be up to 40% of the cost of an entirely new system. Moving the system over a weekend or a holiday to prevent down-time is even more expensive. A VoIP solution is easier to manage and will increase the time and effort it takes to maintain and monitor two or more separate phone systems.

4. Infrastructure Growth

With a legacy system, you will have to add additional ports or purchase more outdated, featureless equipment when you have reached the maximum number of phones it is able to support. Imagine a world where you don’t have to place additional equipment wherever you want to add employees. All you would need to do is connect them to your IP network. Bandwidth is the only thing you would need to grow and that is less expensive than adding more ports.

5. Efficient Spending

How does having a monthly “pay-as-you-go” model sound instead of an annual expense that changes on the whim of the vendor? You would only pay what you use, when you use it. With the elimination of the maintenance contract and outdated hardware, you no longer need to rely on capital expenses to sustain your communication system.

Now that you are aware of a few wonders that are waiting for you, maybe it’s time for us to have a conversation. It’s not as complicated as you may think to take advantage of all the progressive technology that is available today.

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