Time Managed Roll-Out, Multiple Locations

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Time Managed Roll-Out, Multiple Locations

Moving off a premise-based system for a multi-location company requires a controlled rollout of the new solution. For a police department in Southern California, the need to manage the deployment of cloud-based telephone system one location at a time was critical.

“We have many legacy PBX solutions and have successfully moved 5 locations to cloud so far”, says the Police Department’s IT Director. “It was important that the migration was highly manageable.”

“Once all the locations have implemented the solution, they will be able to manage one port instead of having to dial in remotely to manage each location”, says Ernie Melgoza, Co-Owner and Chief Technology Officer of Intelli-Flex. “This will give them better control over all of their locations.

Implementing this solution provided the Police Department with the ability to roll out the implementation in a cookie-cutter fashion on a time-line executed at the customer’s discretion.

“Another benefit to the Police Department selecting the cloud solution is it was more cost-effective than a complete rip and replacement of their PBX systems”, says Ernie. Working with KANDY Business Systems gives the customer quite a bit more flexibility that is required more and more.”

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