3 Things About You Should Know About Today’s Heathcare Call Center

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3 Things About You Should Know About Today’s Heathcare Call Center

Call centers are the primary gateway between your business and customers. When your business is administering health programs for low income children, adults, senior and people with disabilities the call center becomes more than a gateway; it becomes an essential service.

3 Things About Today’s Healthcare Call Center:

1. The roll of the call center is expanding and specializing amid industry consolidation.

Call centers are expected to grow due to increased sub-specialization. Healthcare organizations are creating a seperate call center for each speciality or service line. According to the 2018 Healthcare Call Center Survey presented at the 30th Annual Conference of Healthcare Call Centers in June, 3/4 of call centers are expected to increase in services in the next two years.

2. Customer engagement is the new battleground for health systems.

Nearly 2/3 still prefer to call to book appointments versus searching online to find provider information. Their experience begins with the call center. To facilitate a seamless customer experience, call centers need the tools to facilitate and manage customer interactions.

3. Call centers must be a part of a multi-channel access solution.

Call centers must present a consistent brand across all channels where a customer engages a health system. A multi-channel approach may require the call center to adopt technology that expands the ways customer interact with the health system. This requires technologies such as online scheduling, texting services, and chatbots. These services expand the call center’s pivotal roll in the health system’s strategy.

Below is a case story of how Intelli-Flex helped a prestigious hospital in Orange County, CA bring their contact center up to date to meet the growing needs of their customers:

Intelli-Flex was brought in to help this Orange County organized Health System improve the efficiency of processing calls and patient claims. “We were unable to manage the telephone infrastructure, had little quality controls in place and no visibility into the day-to-day operations and patient interactions.” says a Telcom Analyst with the health system. “Bringing in Intelli-Flex confirmed that we had made the right decision in selecting a technology partner.”

“From the first day, we brought a full contingent of engineering support to help develop a plan and methodology for the project. “says Ernest Melgoza of Intelli-Flex. “Once we had a clear picture we realized this client needed a new PBX and Contact Center to meet their needs.”

But It Didn’t Stop There

“Intelli-Flex provided ongoing support for our infrastructure including knowledge transfer and education on new products, features and leading edge technology.” says a client spokesperson. “One of the most effective tools Intelli-Flex deployed was TelStrat call recording and monitoring application. This improved our quality control and helped our call center agents better adhere to health system policies and meet State mandated compliance regulations .”

Does your call center need help connecting with your customers they way they want to communicate? Contact Intelli-Flex today and schedule a whiteboard session.

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