To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade – That Is The Question!

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To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade – That Is The Question!

Lifecycle Management is a part of doing business. It is a process for administering system software, hardware, and support over the life of a system. The installation stages constitute the largest components of the system cost and determine its utility.

One of the most irritating, yet most important costs is recurring: maintenance and upgrade costs. It is part of the complete management plan that includes purchase price, installation cost, operating costs and remaining value at the end of ownership or its useful life.

Why is it irritating?

Because it’s optional. There is always that point you reach where you are given the decision to renew maintenance or update the software. If it was mandatory, it would make your job a lot easier, right?

The fact is, software is an investment. To maintain value in that investment, maintenance and upgrades are required. Outdated software can take a thriving business and bring it to a screeching halt. We’ve seen it, and it’s not pretty. When it happens, the finger-pointing generates enough drama to become a cable series.

We get it.

Many times, there is a gulf between expectations and experiences. The most experienced teams quit believing the promises of vendors and wait to see what the upgrade really does. This is where it benefits you to work with an experienced systems integrator like Intelli-Flex. We assess the upgrades and ask all the hard questions to the manufacturer before we roll them out to you, our customer.

We see the upgrade road maps months in advance.

We know what is – and isn’t – in the upgrade for each customer. The biggest reason we recommend upgrades is to protect you. Manufacturers are notorious for ending support on previous releases. It’s their way of incentivizing the end users to upgrade – and it works. When a company relies heavily on the functionality of the software, if something breaks, there had better be a patch to fix it – and fast!

Who’s available to install the upgrade?

Another benefit of working with Intelli-Flex is that you have access to knowledgeable experts who will install the upgrade correctly. Most IT departments are often already double-booked most hours of the day and aren’t available. Getting their time will mean the difference between an upgrade delivering value or not. Plus, if you have a highly customized system, it’s best to have a team that is familiar with the structure. Not only will we upgrade the software, but we will train the end users on the new functionality to leverage the investment.

Bottom line: Critically evaluating if a software upgrade is necessary needs to happen more often with companies today who are focused on staying competitive in their market.

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