Why I Recommend Cloud to My Clients

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Why I Recommend Cloud to My Clients

Cloud has been around for a while now, but companies – large and small – are just beginning to really understand and leverage the benefits. For those who have aging premise solutions and reluctant to give up the “old way of doing things”, this is the knowledge that I share with them:

  1. Local & Long Distance Combined – For those who are paying through the nose for long distance love this feature. It is now a flat rate along with your local service.
  2. Maintenance Included – Along with your regular telco service, you will also receive maintenance on the same bill.
  3. Moves/Adds/Changes Done Remotely – You no longer have to torture your IT staff with these small, tedious tasks! Now you can put those hours to use more strategically!
  4. Security – This one has been debated since the inception of Cloud. As long as you have provisions in place locally, security at all end points are covered.
  5. Automatic Upgrades – No need to spend time pushing out software updates. It’s already done for you.
  6. Hardware Management Reduction – No need to maintain unnecessary hardware. Less to maintain, less to replace when broken. Phones are replaced as needed.
  7. Disaster Recovery Insurance – No one expects a disaster to happen, but when it does, this feature will save your data and eliminate down time for your business.
  8. One Monthly Payment – If you’re breaking down all these costs into bite sized pieces monthly, this expense can easily move from Capital to Operational. This makes CFO’s and board members very happy.

I meet with a lot of companies and I haven’t met one CIO that hasn’t agreed with me that Cloud would definitely solve many pain points for them. But once you highlight the soft costs that really ad up over time, it makes a stronger case for Cloud.

The only question left to answer is – What are you waiting for?



Jill Williams, Founder
Intelli-Flex, Inc.

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