Please excuse our website as we are currently in the process of re-branding to put our online presence more in line with our corporate culture. Stay tuned as we are set to launch the coming weeks!

Who We Are

Intelli-Flex, Inc. was founded in 1992 by individuals passionate about communications and technology with a focus on unified communications. This encompasses video conferencing, voice and data infrastructure, contact center, network security, and cloud. Intelli-Flex utilizes team of highly skilled prdofessionals that include sales engineers, project managers and 24/7 technical support personnel to design and implement real-time communication systems that improve customer experience and employee job satisfaction by allowing  them to quickly and easily communicate with team members and clients anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Communicate Real Time: Work or shop when you are inspired in the most effective way, on the device of your choice.

What We Do

Intelli-Flex is a full-service technology provider. Our experience enables us to provide communication solutions tailored to our customer’s business processes resulting in a fully integrated, turnkey solution. Our methodology ensures success through innovative design that introduces dynamic technologies that can overlay and extend your current investment.  Our team collaborates with your business throughout the implementation, installation and configuration. A dedicated project manager oversees the deployment and provides a single point of contact.  Thorough testing and training is the capstone to your success.

  • Communications: Multi-modal collaboration using IM/chat, audio or video conference call, social media, telephony, and email, all with a sense of community through interactive presence.

Our Partners